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Great Car Spots

TITLE: "Generations"
CLIENT: Lockhart Cadillac
TARGET: Young Adult Male/Mature Male


This production highlights "new" and "old" school Cadillac Buyers (and yes, it can be done effectively!). The Ad agency brought the script and we produced and directed the production and supporting voice talent.

TITLE: "Fathers Day"
CLIENT: Carl Gregory Chrysler Jeep, Albany Georgia
TARGET: Potential car buyers who may not immediately consider a Jeep


Listen to DadÖ He knows best! He'll tell you what he really wants in a vehicle. This production used Fatherís Day to help folks think ìJeep!î

TITLE: "Auction Pricing"
TARGET: First time car buyers, parents looking for cars for kids


This production features a "Newsy" and urgent tone. Helps focus attention through ìauctionî pricesÖ the message: Get out there and buy as the dealers do.

TITLE: "Mr. Ugly"
CLIENT: Lakeshore Chevrolet, Cleveland, Ohio
TARGET: People with less-than-perfect credit


Bad credit shouldnít stop someone from getting a new car. This spot letís potential customers know that even with bad credit... YOU can get a car!


Vocal Expressions

TITLE: "21,000 Homes Later"
CLIENT: Davis Homes
TARGET: Move up home-buyers


Provided ìscript-to-finishî production services for this production geared toward home owners who are ready to move up.

TITLE: "It's Orange"
CLIENT: Rays Trash Service
TARGET: Indy Homeowners/Businesses


Spot creatively uses a contest to encourages a visit to their website to win sports tickets

TITLE: "Class Act"
CLIENT: Staples
TARGET: Moms and Students


This spot explores the time and energy that goes into teaching and it's rewards. Full ìscript-to-finishî services. Produced and directed additional voice talent.


Imaging, TV & Trailers

TITLE: "Why Wouldn't You"
CLIENT: Holland|Simpson - Lifeline Long Distance
TARGET: Long Distance Callers


This series of TV spots featured Mary Lou Retton. We provided voice over and final mix consultation.


Big Fun Production Numbers

TITLE: "Mrs. Smithers"
CLIENT: Handyman Matters
TARGET: Do-it-yourselfers and independent repairmen


Appealing to the Home Remodeler and self-employed repairman who have too much to do. Provided ìscript-to-finishî production services. Produced and directed supporting voice talent.

TITLE: "New Store"
CLIENT: Chick-fil-A
TARGET: Hungry folks, of course!


Complete ìscript-to-finishî production that drives customers to a new storeís Grand Opening event. Produced and directed supporting voice talent.

TITLE: "I'm Going to Get What I Want"
CLIENT: Dish Network
TARGET: Adult male TV junkies


Spot cleverly uses the classic bait & switch approach. Provided complete ìscript-to-finishî services and produced supporting voice talent.

TITLE: "Solarmagnus!"
CLIENT: Stop N Go Tan
TARGET: Young adult women


A humorous retro-newsreel creative approach extolls the virtues of the "safe" way to tan. Provided complete ìscript-to-finishî services and produced supporting voice talent.

TITLE: "CSI Indianapolis"
CLIENT: Susquehanna Indy
TARGET: Potential Advertisers


Swift presentation of production technique samples. Script-to-finish services included producing and directing many additional voices.

TITLE: "Good workout"
CLIENT: Arthur Murray Dance Studios
TARGET: Young adult women


Did you know that Arthur Murray is hip? Thatís what this production demonstrates along with the revelation that dancing provides a great workout. ìScript-to-finishî services.